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Texas Australian Shepherds or Texas Aussies have become quite popular especially when their miniature versions were introduced. There is a tricky history behind an Aussie since its name doesn’t tell where it actually came from. Despite being called Australian, these dogs didn’t come from Australia at all. Its history remains unclear while there are some claims that they were originally bred for herding in a mountainous region somewhere between France and Spain.

The breed was taken to America when they were used to accompany the shipment of certain livestock. When they arrived, an Australian developed them for different types of purposes such as herding and thus, the name Australian Shepherds. In Texas, Aussies can be seen performing the tasks of sheep driving, guide, hearing, therapy, show, drug detectors, rescue, search, and watch dogs. This breed really has become a top choice for a pet.

Texas Australian Shepherds are generally smart and easy to train. They respond quickly to their masters and are capable of doing a lot of tasks intended for dogs. They can be very loyal and obedient as long as proper training techniques are applied. The only thing that you have to watch out is their dominant nature since they are originally intended to control larger animals. In this case, the owner must reinforce daily the commands and training that will show the dog who is real boss. We can say that Aussies are safe as pets especially if they are from a reputable breeder. Depending on how you raise your Aussie, they can reach up to more than 10 years in terms of their lifespan. When it comes to health issues, Aussies are known to be prone to back pains and vision problems but with regular check up, these concerns can be alleviated.

Aussies are perfect as friends, companions, family members, protectors, and pets. When it comes to dogs that can do most of the roles, it cannot be denied that Texas Australian Shepherds are among the best breeds. While they are originally perfect for herding, they now serve a lot purposes and when it comes to different tasks performed for dogs, Aussies are can be very reliable. Owning an Aussie requires a person to choose the right decisions and the right breeder. It is important to learn about the factors involved in owning Aussies before making the final decision. You may also need to do extensive research, inquiries, and comparison to avoid mistakes. The key to the goal of getting the right Aussie lies on the type of breeder that you will choose so you have to be wise in making decisions.

Now there are a lot of shops and breeders available both locally and on-line  The best thing about it is that you can make important decisions without leaving your homes. While you’re at it, you will find out how Texas Australian Shepherds are becoming more and more in demand, making them among the most favourite dogs in the United States.


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