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The dog is known to be man’s best friend. Many people across the world love having dogs and cats as pets in the house. They will often be seen walking around with them, and for dogs, they will often be taken for car drives, given baths and taken for walks in the parks and even in the streets.

Many people are also advised on some of the measures that should be taken in preventing the dog from acquiring some of the most common and uncommon diseases. One of these diseases is heart worms. Heartworms in dogs are not only a nuisance, but also a disease that is very expensive to treat. It is even known to some breeds of cat that we love to keep. In extreme cases, the disease may even affect humans.

Heartworms in DogsSymptoms of heart worms in a dog will include heavy breathing and deep coughing that will sometimes cause bleeding. This will only happen in the latter stages of the dog’s disease, as the disease may take several years to really show its effects. The dog will often lose its appetite and will stop playing as much as it usually does. Some other symptoms include visible weight loss and the absence of energy in the dog.

The disease is caused by mosquitoes. The worms are usually present in mosquitoes and when they bite their victim, they transfer the eggs to it’s blood vessels, which act as an incubator for approximately seven months. For the dog owner to prevent the disease from affecting the dog, many vets advise regular check-ups.

Some preventive pills can also be prescribed by the vet. It is better for the owner to provide preventive measures than to treat the disease. The owner should also ensure that there is no stagnant water around the dogs habitat.

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